Female Time Mage



Str – 3 (19 rating)

Vit – 4 (22 rating)

Agi – 4 (22 rating)

Spd – 10 (40 rating)

Mag – 10 (40 rating)

Spr – 9 (37 rating)

Combat Stats

HP – 38

MP- 22

EVA – 14

M.EVA – 19

ARM – 4

M.ARM – 8

DEX – 59

MND – 71

ACC – 131


Awareness – 40

Acting – 45

Disguise – 45

Smooth Talk – 45

Inquiry – 50

Etiquette – 40

Cudgels – 40


Language Common Tongue – 50

Language Ancient – 50

Lore – Magic 50

Lore – Folklore – 50

Lore – History – 50

Lore – Area – 50

Lore – Monsters – Dragons – 25

Lore – Monsters – Humanoid – 25

Lore – Monsters – Undead – 20


Weapon – Oak Staff (2xMAG)+d8

Shield – None

Body – Mistle Robe (Black) (ARM-3, M.ARM-5, EVA-0, M.EVA-0, Silence Proof)

Head – None

Hands – Serum Wrist (ARM-1, M.ARM-2, EVA-0, M.EVA-0, Poison Proof)

Accessory – None

Inventory – Tonic x 3

Gil – 15


Level 1 Spells

Escape – 8MP (NR)

Burn Ray – 7MP®

-(4xMAG)+d8 – M.ARM-

Hold – 7MP®

-(M.ACC -50) M.Evasion-


A frail young woman, nobody knows much about her past except that she was taught time magic by her father until a translocation spell failed him, leaving him a vegetable. Sarena survived by faking her way into peoples lives and taking what she needed. Not many of her features are memorable, black hair, black eyes, no real figure to speak of, and a really bland clothing collection keep her out of peoples minds and off the radar. As such she is able to impersonate others and disguise herself easily.

Soft spoken but by no means mute, she keeps to herself most of the time but has a sarcastic side that will get her into trouble. One of her favorite pranks is to cast Hold on people as they are doing something and making them mess up. However, she is a consummate team player and will not hesitate to use her abilities to save a friend.

She owns a pocketwatch given to her by her father. It doesn’t work, and she never got it fixed. It is merely a reminder that her magical ability can never be taken for granted, and to always use the utmost of caution when using it. Her father is the prime example of its terrible effects.

Sarena can often be seen sitting outside on the grass, smoking out of one of her many pipes stashed in her robes. The special tobacco from the west coast that Cross and Olen are famous for is a guilty pleasure of hers. It’s one of the reasons she came out here.

(more to come as I develop her)


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