Claudio (The Crowing) Kilganon

"I'll see you on the back end of forever."


Human LVL 1 (116 EXP)


Blue Mage

STR 10 VIT 10 AGI 8 SPD 8 MAG 12 SPR 12

|HP: 44 |MP: 23 |EVA: 12 |M.EVA: 14 |DEX: 1+12+50=63 |MND: 1+14+50=65 |ACC: 1+12+20+50=83 |M.ACC: 1+14+100=115

DMG = 14 + d8 (roll twice, take best result [weapon ability])

Age: 20 Height: 5’10” Weight: 160 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Clothing: With a severe dislike for attention, Claudio never strays from his inconspicuous colour palette, of grays, navy blue, and other dark colours.

Skills: Polearms: 50 Navigation: 25 (wilderness bonus: 25+25=50) Survival: 25 (wilderness bonus: 25+25=50) Tracking: 25 (wilderness bonus: 25+25=50) Swimming: 25 (wilderness bonus: 25+25=50) Stealth: 50 Streetwise: 30 Vehicles: 30

Language/Lore: Language: Common – 50 Lore: Magic: Blue – 50 Lore: Monsters: All – 50 Lore: History: Treasures and Legendary items – 30 Lore: Folklore: Wars – 30

Weapon: Spider’s Kiss (Swallow [polearm])(173 Gil, DMG: (2xSTR)+d8) Armor: Leather Plate (Mail)(110 Gil, ARM: 5, M.ARM: 3) Armwear: Serum Wrist (90 Gil, ARM: 1, M.ARM: 2)(Poison Proof)

ARM: 6 M.ARM: 5

Gil: 278


Tonic x 9 Potion x 1

Blue Magic:

GOBLIN PUNCH 1 MP Target: Single Type: Arcane (Physical) NR The caster launches themselves at an opponent with unusual speed and suddenness, weapon at the ready. Make a standard Attack Action with whatever Weapon the caster has equipped when Goblin Punch is cast; calculate damage as normal unless the caster and the target are of equal Level; in this case, the attack inflicts 400% Physical damage. Equipment Abilities are not factored into this attack. If the caster has two Weapons equipped, choose which of the two to attack with.

REFLEcT-NULL 1 MP Target: Single Type: Status (Special) NR An iridescent ball of orange light speeds towards the target, knocking down all barriers and protective fields as it homes in. When used against a target with the Reflect Status Condition, Reflect-Null has a CoS of (M. ACC – 50), M. Evasion of inflicting a random Status Condition on the target; roll 2d6 and consult the table below to determine the nature of the inflicted ailment. Roll Status Condition 2 Petrify (4) 3 Immobilize (6) 4 Toad (6) 5 Blind (6) 6 Silence (6) 7 Poison (∞) 8 Sleep (6) 9 Slow (6) 10 Mini (6) 11 Disable (6) 12 Stop (6)

CHOCO BALL 6 MP Target: Single Type: Arcane (Magical) R A crackling sphere of yellow energy forms around the caster, growing in size until it is launched at the target, inflicting (4 x MAG) + d8, M. Armor Magical damage. Aerial-type monsters take 150% damage from Choco Ball.

FLAME THROWER 15 MP Target: Single Type: Elemental (Fire) R The caster releases a blistering stream of fire from their fingers, scorching their intended target for (8 x MAG) + 2d8, M. Armor Fire Elemental damage.


Claudio is, to say the least, introverted. He showed little desire to be socially involved with anyone except his family and his long time girlfriend, Newo Ikkin. That was, until he returned home late one night to find his front door smashed in, his two youngest siblings, Matthew and Maria, dead from poison, his elder sister, Josephine, dead on the kitchen floor, and his parents, Coheed and Cambria, missing. It was then that Claudio’s innate abilities ignited. Breathing a moment of life into his dead sister, he learned more than he cared to know about the evening prior to her murder, but more importantly than this, he was discovered by a monstrous Ostantine Priest. A terrifying creature that attacked him, intending only to kill. Claudio narrowly escaped with his life, after stunning the monster with a strike from the very hammer that killed his sister.

After leaving the house, and going into hiding, only a few things are clear: His family is gone. He can never return home. He must seek revenge on those who murdered his family and sent that creature after him.

Claudio (The Crowing) Kilganon

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