Blix Zaiphyer

The Dark Knight


Job: Dark Knight

Lvl: 1 (116 EXP)

Age: 27

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 162 lbs

Hair: Silver shoulder length hair that covers his right eye for unknown reasons

Eye Colour: Crimson Red -only his left eye is visable

Personality: An avid thinker, Blix is the type who thinks before he acts, though it usually results in over thinking and then his paranoia kicks in making him act before thinking, he is unusually quite and only really states what’s on his mind when the moment presents it’s self though he will participate in the conversation if needed. Despite using the powers of darkness Blix has a strong sense of Justice and will fight evil at all costs. When not ravaged by his paranoia Blix is usually quite level headed

Possessions: Knight’s Amulet: An amulet that was the symbol of his old group, it is worn at all times as one of his reminders of the past

Blix’s Sword: A 2H Sword that holds Blix’s powers of the Dark Knight (not used in battle)

Family: None

Goal: To gain more strength so he can protect those close to him

Quote: “The only thing one can use to protect others is power”

Quirks/Traits: Coffee addict, Well Travelled, Paranoia


  • Str: 8
  • Vit: 8
  • Agl: 6
  • Spd: 6
  • Mag: 7
  • Spr: 5

Combat Stats:

  • Hp: 48
  • Mp: 17
  • Eva: 12
  • M.Eva: 12
  • Acc: 13
  • M.Acc: 116
  • Dex: 63
  • Mnd: 65
  • Armor: 10
  • M.Armor: 5

Skills: Skill points: 240 Still not 100% sure on how I should divide this up …help

  • Swords – 50
  • Awareness – 50
  • Intimidation – 50
  • Survival – 40
  • Navigation: – 50

Knowledge: Scholastic points: 160 is there a 2:1 thing here? ...I don’t know

  • Language (Common Tongue) – 50
  • Language (Elvaan) – 10
  • Lore (History) – 50
  • Lore (Area) – 50
  • Lore (Folklore) -50


  • Weapon: Iron Sword (DMG: 2 x STR + d12)
  • Head: Soldier Helmet -ARM 3, M.ARM 1 (+10 ACC)
  • Body: Fire Armor -ARM 5, M.ARM 3 (Fire Ward)
  • Hands: Leather Gauntlet -ARM 2 M.ARM 1
  • Accessory: None
  • Inventory: None

20 Gil remaining

In Battle abilities:


  • DarkSide: [Level 1]

Type: Fast

Target: Single

The Dark Knight rushes at the target, his blade burning with a black fire. As he strikes, the fire rips through the target with a fierceness that burns away 200%, Armor Shadow elemental damage. While powerful, Darkside has a price – the Dark Knight suffers Magical damage equal to 25% of the Dark Knight’s maximum HP. The damage done to the Dark Knight ignores Armor and all defensive statuses, excluding Shield.

  • Intuitive Magic [Level 1]

Type: Magic Ability

Target: Varies

The Dark Knight can use his spellcasting abilities for other purposes. More details on Intuitive Magic can be found in Chapter Eight: Magic.. Keywords: Destruction, Fire, Poison, Shadow



Blix started down the path of the Dark Knight when he found himself powerless to stop the murder of his former companions by a dark entity which left him alive for an unknown reason telling him that “Only the limitless power of darkness can vanquish me” blaming his lack of strength for the slaughter of those he trusted he turned his back on the Light and never looked back vowing to use the power of darkness to protect so that he may never have to experience such a loss again.

His will to protect and his inability to let go of the past has fueled his desire to continue using the powers of the Dark Knight and believes that evil can only be countered evil. (In a way ‘fighting fire with fire’)

While traveling he found himself in Cross and wound up at the Phoenix Dojo

( Trying to think of something that won’t just make him a raging emo… =/ )

Blix Zaiphyer

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