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  • Phoenix Dojo

    Phoenix Dojo is just one of many names applied to a small collection of buildings in the town of Cross. Not exactly a dojo, it's an establishment run by Cole Harris, Herin Mendoza, and Lisa Shifu. Part inn for the few travelers that stop by, part tavern, …

  • Lisa Shifu

    Lisa Shifu is the housekeeper and nurse at Phoenix Dojo. She fought in the [[War of the Great Houses]] alongside Cole and Herin, and often ends up taking care of Cole. A very caring person, she is also the doctor for most of Cross and the surrounding area.

  • Cole Harris

    Cole Harris is owner of the Phoenix Dojo, and a war hero of the [[War of the Great Houses]]. A bit of a drunk, he is past his prime, but still passes on some of his knowledge on to the next generation

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