Final Fantasy Infinity


Dawn breaks over the sleepy village of Cross, nestled in a valley far away from the problems of Gaia. Cross awakens, farmers moving along the streets, already starting their chores for the day. Slowly, light filters into your bedroom, rousing you from a troubled sleep. Images of snarling teeth, screams, and fire still pervade the receding shadows in your room. Wiping the sweat from your forehead, you pause as your feet touch the floor. It was a strangely vivid dream, and although the details of it are already starting to fade, one detail remains. You don’t believe you’ll soon forget the blazing eyes above the fires, seeming to stare through your very being. A call comes from downstairs, Lisa must be up and around already. Lisa, the caretaker of your dormitory is always up before dawn, and usually has breakfast on the table soon after. Shaking the remaining cobwebs from your head, you wash and dress before heading into the hallway. Greeting your friends, you all head downstairs into the warm common room. Lisa is bustling around the large table off to one side, putting down large plates and bowls full of breakfast. The common area shows none of the books, weapons and various knick knacks left lying around last night, and has been thouroghly tidied. Bookshelves line the walls, with an incredibly complete library for such a small town, and various weapons occupy a few racks in a corner. Several thick stuffed chairs surround a brick fireplace, and the whole room has a very lived in quality. Lisa looks up, and asks “Are you sitting down then?”


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