Nex Venator

The Summoner


STR 6, VIT 5, AGI 6, SPD 6, MAG 10, SPR 7

Age: 20

Weapon: Cat O Nine tails (scorpion tail) 2x STR + d8

Armour: Mistle Robe Arm 3 M.ARM 5 Silence proof

Arm ware: Chocobo bracelet Arm 1 M.ARM 2 EVA 5

Inventory: Tonic x4

Gil: 18

HP: 41

MP: 26

EVA: 17

M.EVA: 17

ARM: 4

M.ARM: 9

DEX: 63

MAG ACC: 164

MND: 71

ACC: 14


Lore Summons 50

Lore language common 50

Lore Language Ancient 50

Lore History 50

Lore monsters 40

Lore Area 40

Lore Folk Lore 40

Lore teaching 50

Singing 40

Awareness 40

Negotiation 30

Art 40

Healing 50

Navigation 20

Appearence: Short, thin/athletic yet still very much a female form.

Hair: Long wavy black

Eye Colour: Amber, but turn red when very emotional or in the heat of battle

Quote: “Death before Dishonor.” or “Nex Pro Inhonesto.”

Distinguishing features: Huge dragon wing tattoo on her back, (upload to come, I’m still working on it) that she won’t tell any one about it but does enjoy showing it off…

Possessions: An Opaline crescent moon necklace that she never takes off; a gift from her father, and a summoner rosary that belonged to her mother that she has on her person at all times.

Personality: Straight to the point, no beating around the bush with Nex, she is always consumed by her lust for learning. Often you will find her with a far off expression as if she were pondering the impossible, she hates to show too much emotion in large groups but holds her friends very close to her heart, its difficult to build her trust but once you have it she is very loyal.

Has no known siblings.

Quirks: Refuses to wear bright colours usually associated with a Summoner, sticks to the less bold colours in the spectrum. Has a rather dry sense of humor and appears to be bored with her surroundings when that is not always the case.


Nex doesn’t talk about her past with anyone, there is a dark secret there that no one knows about, she would be more likely to wear a dress than talk about it, (which is extremely unlikely) She has a chip on her shoulder and is rather surly when it comes to most things but is a keen observer, you will find her with a dusty tomb for company rather than another living being.

Nex’s mother was a Summoner which is common knowledge as she was the best in her time, and she hates being compared to her. Her mother lost her Summoning ability in an accident that no one knows much about and if they do they just don’t talk about it. Nex wants nothing more that a quiet simple life but knows the blood that is flowing through her veins will never allow it.

As for her father… she will never speak of him, other than to admit the pendant around her neck was a gift to her when she was born.

Nex’s Mother sent her away on her Summoners Pilgrimage, but Nex made her way to Phoenix Dojo in Cross and has yet to carry on her way…

Nex Venator

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